SSA Today


Sarba Shanti Ayog (SSA) is the development organization of Sasha- a pioneering Fair Trade organization in India. For over three decades now, it has been involved intensively in market development and enterprise building of MSEs in the informal craft sector in the country.

This intensive engagement has resulted in building capacities and substantial business growth of over 50 craft enterprises (community based groups and artisan-entrepreneurial units) who are part of the Sasha network. This has also helped translating the benefits of Fair Trade to these disadvantaged producers - increased their capacities, skills, work regularity, income, savings, insurance, and access to health and education. In the process, SSA has developed business development and market access skills and resources that can be shared with larger constituency for broad basing the reach and impact.

SSA has expanded the scope and impact of this market oriented enterprise development initiative, and envisages a project to develop an enabling service platform for the Fair Trade craft producing and marketing organizations in India that can enhance their capabilities, sustainability and growth. It aims to harness the potential of smaller groups and leverage the strength of bigger organizations involved in Fair Trade to create and acquire a larger Fair Trade market in the country. The reach of this convergent approach is pan-Indian i.e. covering craft producers and marketers from all regions and geographies of India, who are networked under the aegis of Fair Trade Forum India. The expected result is scaling up of Fair Trade potential in India i.e. to significantly enhance its reach and presence in all relevant segments of the Indian market. This will trigger substantial business, income, employment and empowerment across the entire Fair Trade chain from growers to craft producers to fair trade marketers.