Scope of Work


The main strategy of Enterprise development/ capacity building initiatives are:

  • Encourage market-led product development
  • Augment producers' skill sets
  • Strengthen the network for collective working
  • Support technology transfer
  • Support and incubate innovative business ideas and new projects
  • Facilitate scaling up of projects to effect transition from income generation activity to small enterprise.

The major services SSA offer can be categorised as:

  1. Enterprise Development: Vision, mission, objectives, organization structure, business planning, infrastructure, finance, know-how, management systems and creating linkages (Blue print to Organizing and Capacity building to Linkages)
  2. Micro Financing, Financial Literacy, financial products and inclusion
  3. Information and Communication- Computerized systems, Social networking, media and promotion etc.
  4. Social Benefits Health, Education, Rights, Awareness
  5. Fair Trade Monitoring and Evaluation assessment and intervention for compliances, preparing for certificates, impacts assessment
  6. Specific need based projects Documentation, Exchanges, action research, external funded projects and programmers on capacity building, business development, social and environmental issues etc.
  7. Networking and advocacy
  8. Identifying new producer collectives, believing in and committed to Fair Trade Principles, looking for market access (domestic and international) for improving the living standards of their artisans and craftsmen and bringing them under Sasha Network

Target Groups

SSA serves following categories of organizations/ constituencies:

  1. Producer groups within Sasha Network.
  2. Extensions, linked to Sasha Supply chain- new groups or peripheral to existing groups.
  3. Fair Trade member organizations'
  4. Other non-profits, groups and communities as a service provider/ consultancy engagement.