Working with producer partners

Sasha and producers work collectively as partners. Sasha and its producers strengthen each other in their respective core competency areas of marketing and producing. Enterprise development constitutes an important aspect of SSA’s activities. Skill upgradation and technical inputs are provided to introduce modern processes, methods and techniques. Assistance is also provided in terms of augmenting infrastructure, organizational development, good business practices, and planning and quality assurance. Financial assistance is also extended when crucial through Microenterprise –financing. Monitoring is complemented by active capacity building and entrepreneurship promotion. Groups are enabled to internalize the rigorous discipline necessary for export trade in terms of product, social and environmental standards. Facilitating social well being in the communities – through various linkages, programmes, special initiatives on financial literacy and inclusion, health, community education are the Development programmes undertaken at SSA. Networking at national and international level for advocacy, collaborative initiatives and market access in favour of the marginalized artisans are some of the other areas of work.

Working with Fair Trade organizations

The scope of this vital support service will cover areas of a) market promotion and business development, b) technical assistance on OD, design-development, skill, quality, know-how, process and productivity, c) ICT enabled Supply chain management, d) critical and much needed data services and e) implementing good business practices and quality certifications.

Enterprise Development/Capacity building:

SSA's enterprise development activities are aimed to build the capacity of marginal groups as individuals, and grassroots institutions; enhance the access of poor and marginalized people to markets, technology and information and increase their productivity in a sustainable and equitable way, encourage and facilitate enterprise development focused on the needs of the people. This people-centered intervention promotes grassroots participation and emphasizes the improvement of access to human, financial, social, physical and financial assets. It highlights the importance of social, economic, institutional and environmental sustainability and encourages the adoption of a multi-disciplinary approach.

Knowledge Provider, Collaborator and Fair Trade Plus

Sasha also works towards developing international collaborative network of experts in various areas of crafts; social sector development and Fair Trade provide the exchange and knowledge transfer opportunities for the craftsperson, designer and researcher alike. SSA also provides a platform for internships on various development issues to students-both national and international.

Sasha also works towards providing access to health services and providing occupational health services (linking to health insurance cards, free eye-check up camps), improving working conditions, access to education (children’s education loan). It also works towards providing savings and credit facilities through administering Micro-enterprise Loans (short-term working capital loans and long-term infrastructure support loans). Educating communities on Financial Literacy through the Financial Literacy programme- form part of the Fair Trade Plus activities.