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Sasha works with over a hundred artisinal groups producing a variety of craft products ranging from metalware to textiles. Listed Below is a list of skills available with our producer groups:

Aari Embroidery + Appliqué + Basket Making + Block Print + Candle Making + Cane and Bamboo + Coir + Dhokra + Dyeing + Embossed Leather + Embroidery + Finished Leather + Garment Making + Jewelry + Jute + Kantha + Musical Instruments + Natural Fibers + Paper Maché + Screen Print + Stationery + Stuffed Toy Making + Tailoring + Vegetable Dyeing + Weaving + Wrought Iron


Aari Embroidery

This is fine embroidery of Mogul origin, on a frame using an aari or awl, uses zari, sequins or beads. The artisans have a very fine eye for detail can can make even a small flower come alive with their stitches.


Traditional to Orissa, this kind of appliqué was originally used to decorate festive tents and umbrellas.

Basket Making

Basket making is a craft found all over India and a variety of natural materials like bamboo, cane and grasses are used. Baskets are made in many shapes and sizes.

Block Printing

An old craft for printing by hand on paper and fabric, very versatile with many possible variations

Candle Making

Aromatic candles made in a variety of colors, shapes and fragrances with terracotta and glass containers

Cane and Bamboo

Intricately woven into stools or murrahs and baskets of all types


A traditional craft In Orissa, coir is dyed and transformed into a variety of animals and flowers, as toys or decorations.


A traditional tribal method of lost wax casting of brass, every piece being unique


Dyeing of yarn and fabric in azzo free dyes, sometimes plain and sometimes using tie and dye techniques

Embossed Leather

A craft special to Bengal, hand embossing and coloring of leather offers wide scope to a designer for experiment.


There are many kinds of embroidery practiced in India and in the East, kantha, aari and 'English' embroidery are the most used. Crochet and macramé are also commonly used.

Finished Leather

Leather tanning is a traditional industry in Kolkata and there are many units that specialize in making fine bags. It is usually a combination of both traditional hand skills as well using newer machines.

Garment Making

Sasha works with several units, mostly women who have been trained in sewing. They are highly skilled pattern makers, cutters and tailors and can handle garments as well as bags.


Traditional artisans make a large range jewelry using brass, copper, glass beads and cotton threads.


Artisans make a range of jute slippers, various macramé based products like pot hangers and hammocks. Jute is also woven to make bags.


The iconic embroidery from Bengal, kantha uses variations of the simple run stitch to create stunning quilts and other home linen.


Notebooks and paper desk accessories are made using creative print techniques.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are made by and for the Baul community traditionally. Bauls are wandering minstrels of Bengal who sing mystic songs about life and the world around us.

Natural Fibers

Mats have been traditionally woven all over India with locally growing grass. Today, a whole range of exciting table accessories have evolved using this wonderful material and craft.

Paper Maché

Paper Mache animals, hangings and decorations are made in Orissa and painted in the traditional style of that region.

Screen Print

Screen printing on textiles allows great freedom to the designer in terms of motifs and colours.

Stuffed Toy Making

Women usually make these and since the craft is easy to learn, a number of variations in design are possible.


Sasha works with several women's units who are very skilled in tailoring garments as well as bags.

Vegetable Dyeing

Dyeing yarn and fabric with natural colours has been revived and there is a lot of experimentation with colours and materials.


There are many weaving communities in East India and each have their special technique, motifs and colours. Weaving is done in cotton and silk, stoles, saris and bed linen.

Wrought Iron

This original version of the craft is practiced by tribal communities in Central India. The iron is actually heated and wrought into lively animal and human figures to make a variety of lamps.


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