craft dictionary

Below is a list of commonly used words in India about materials and craft processes.
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Adivasi - tribal
Agarbatti - incense sticks
Alpana - ritual floor decoration
Balaposh - A balaposh is like a shawl which has a layer of cotton-wool between two layers of silk
Baluchari - Traditional silk saris with elaborate woven motifs from Baluchar, WEST BENGAL
Bandhani - tie and dye
Bazaar - marketplace
Bhand / Bhar - terracotta pot or cup
Bidri - silver inlay on blackened metal
Butis - small floral or geometric motifs used in embroidery or printing to cover fabric
Challi - woolen textiles from Ladakh
Chandi tarkashi - Silver filigree
Chatai / Dorma - Mat
Chitrakar - painter
Choori - thin bangles
Dhaak - a type of drum
Dhaatu - copper
Dhokara - the ancient method of lost wax casting of non-ferrous metals
Dholak - drum
Dupatta or Odhin - length of fabric used to cover the head and upper part of the body of a woman
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Gabba - Embroidered rugs from Kashmir
Haat - village fairs held regularly, usually once a week
Hathudi - a hammer
I -  
Jaal - a tesselated pattern either geometric or floral, used in hand printing or embroidery to cover the body of a lenght of fabric
Jamdani - fine, figured muslin
Jatra - Folk theatre of Bengal
Kalamkari - Dye painted textiles
Kaleen - Knotted carpets from Kashmir
Kalka - paisley or mango motif
Kansha - an alloy of copper and zink used to make vessels
Kantha - a quilt made by the joining of layers of old saris
Karmakar - Blacksmith
Kashidakari - Kashmiri embroidery
Katputli - puppets
Kauna Phak - reed mats from Imphal
Kavassam - Sheet metal cladding
Khabdan - pile carpets from Ladakh
Kumbhakar - Potter
Lep kantha - rectangular wraps heavily padded to make warm coverlets. Lep means a quilt
Maslong - Grass mats
Meenakaari - enamel work on metal
Mojari - leather footwear
Namda - Felted rugs from Kashmir
Oaar kantha - rectangular pillow covers in simple designs with a decorative border sewn around the edges. Oaar is to cover
Paabu - stitched boots from Ladakh
Paar - the design used in the border of a sari, dupatta or shawl
Patachitra - Painting of deities on cloth and paper
Patachitra - scroll painting from West Bengal
Patua - 'Pat' is a piece of cloth in Sanskrit. Those who paint on these are called Patuas or Patidars. Pats or scrolls narrate mythological stories
Phool - flower, padma phool is lotus, jhinge phool is gourd flower, cherry phool is cherry flower
Pinjrakari / Khatumband - Kashmiri wood work
Pula chappal - Grass footwear
Q -  
Rang - color, specially paint or dye used in fabric printing
Rasa - the response of the mind, the vital feeling and the sensibility to a certain 'taste' in things, the spice of life
Razais - Quilts
Rumal - handkerchief
Sheetalpati - reed mat
Sherpai - measuring bowls
Shola - Pith craft
Sujani kantha - rectangular cloths used as blankets or spreads on ceremonial occasions. Sujani is to decorate
Talpatra Khodai - palm leaf engravings
Tant - a handloom
Tanti - a handloom weaver
Thakkar ka kaam - Sheet metal work from Kulu
Thigma - tie-resisting-dyeing from Ladakh
Tsug Dul / tsug gdan - woolen pile rugs from Ladakh
U -  
Vikas - means development in sanskrit
W -  
X -  
Y -  
Zardosi - gold embroidery
Zari - gold or silver thread, usually a thin silk thread wrapped in fine gold or silver.Originally silver was used, but is now replaced by synthetic fibres